>> Name: Anthony “Tone” Rullan
>> Home Turf:  San Diego, CA
>> School: Montgomery High School
>> Hobbies: Basketball, sometimes play hacky sack with some friends, or fingerboard when I'm bored  :-)
>> Big Influences: My friends and family.
>> Who inspires me: My friends and family.
>> Favorite Skate Spots: Downtown San Diego
>> Favorite Music: Anything that sounds good, haha!
>> Build Out: Surf Hut shop deck, Independent Trucks, Wub wheels
>> Favorite Skaters: Mike Mo, Cory Kennedy, Shane O’Neil, Josiah Gatlyn, Tom Asta, Andrew Reynold and many more.
>> Shout Outs: Shout outs to Surf Hut Skate Shop, Adio, and Blunted Athletics for supporting me. :-)
Video was edited with a Sony Vegas and filmed with a vx1000. Filmed by my friends Alan De la Torre, and Sebastian Hortia.  Edited by Alan De la Torre.