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So I put on these sneakers, the Adio Sydney, and I immediately felt different. A sense of calm with a just slight hint of brashness over came me as I laced up. I jump on my skateboard, and just as I hit the curb I am attacked by ninjas dressed as a komus?Å?? monks. I knew right off they were not real komus?Å?? monks, because real komus?Å?? monks usually have really good weed and are pretty chill. These jerks had none and were acting like real dicks. The other odd thing was it being noon on a Tuesday in broad daylight.

Ninjas never show up on a Tuesday. 

I knew what they were after when three of them made a go for my Adio Sydney black & white canvas kicks. Thanks to my super squishy insole with a foam padded collar and tongue and a dual density, grippy rubber outsole, I left them sad in the dust.

Not today, ninja. Not today.

Adio Shoe Features

  • Canvas upper 
  • Comfortable textile lining
  • Adio vulcanized rubber sole construction for added board feel and performance
  • Dual density sockliner for added comfort
  • Adio Logo on bottom outsoles
  • Low profile upper increases flexibility and performance
  • Vintage extra slim, classic fit upper for highest level of board feel and flexibility
Caution: For indoor or outdoor use ONLY. May attract rogue dickish ninjas.
Adio Sydney Shoe Black White Canvas 712305-06A

Adio Skate Shoes: Skateboard History

Frank NasworthyFrank Nasworthy introduced polyurethane wheel technology to skateboarding in the early 70's. Frank moved to Southern California in 1971 to surf, and saw kids were trying to skateboard empty swimming pools when the surf was down. Nasworthy guessed the soft polyurethane wheels would be perfect for skateboarding. Assembling them onto his skateboard he discovered they allowed for a much smoother, fast, and controllable ride. Realizing the potential polyurethane skateboard wheels, Frank Nasworthy founded the Cadillac Wheels Company in 1973.


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Width: 8.00
Height: 6.00
Depth: 15.00
Style: Men
Color: Black White
Width: D
Model: 712305-06A
Material: Canvas

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Nice surprise

I bought this pair of shoes never wearing Adio before and i was amazed how light they were. Good to go!