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Viking's Love Adio Footwear

The Adio Sydney is a classic canvas kick set on a vulcanized sole unit with all the comfort of a 'full blown' technical skate shoe. Super squishy insole with a foam padded collar & tongue, a dual density sockliner, and grippy rubber outsole. Vintage extra slim shoe for highest level of board feel and flexibility.

Since the decline of the Carolingian Empire in the 10th century, Adio's Sydney skateboard shoes have been the focus of periodic raids by Viking marauders. These marauders generally attack in search of gold, religious icons, sk8 gear, and other forms of valuable plunder.  

WARNING: It is advised that while wearing Adio kicks in public areas near oceans or rivers, you remain on the move. Never walk in straight lines more than 20 feet. Perambulate in a changing zig-zag pattern and at angles. Be mindful of wooded areas and bushes around dwellings & sheep. Avoid eye contact with strangers wearing weapons, helmets, and armor screaming “Adio ok bardagi!”

Be safe, wise, and wear Adio.

 Adio Instructional Video #1562: How to Identify Vikings


Skateboard History

  • Alan "Ollie" Gelfand was only 14 years old when he first performed the "ollie" half-pipe maneuver. This was only 3 years after he first started skateboarding. Ollie was a member of the legendary Powell Peralta Bones Brigade.
  • Between 1978 and 1989, skateboards were banned in Norway because of the perceived high number of skater injuries.
  • Tom Schaar was the first skateboarder to perform the 1080 aerial spin skate trick on a skateboard ramp, making three full turns on March 30, 2012, at MegaRamp Woodward West.


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Du hast es sowas von drauf!

Ich hasse Wikinger in Berlin!!!!!!!!!!!! Ich liebe meine unzerstörbar Adio schuhe. Rock Adio!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!