Bob Marley Shoes

Bob Marley Footwear: Natural, Vibrant, Authentic, & Effortlessly Stylish.

The Bob Marley Double-Up shoes for men are part of Marley Footwear’s collection of eco-friendly shoes. All the Bob Marley sneakers are crafted from recycled materials. The rasta shoe with a chill spirit.

Bob Marley Shoe Features:

  • Suede leather upper for durable, soft comfort kicks
  • Padding throughout for a cushioned fit
  • Durable recycled rubber outsole for great traction

Bob Marley Trivia:

  • In May 2001, Bob Marley was voted the third greatest lyracist of all time by BBC News Online users. Bob Dylan and John Lennon finished ahead of him.
  • Bob Marley was burried in a crypt at Nine Miles with a Gibson Les Paul Guitar, a soccer ball, a cannibus bud, and a Bible on 21 May 1981.

“One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.”
Quote: Bob Marley

Video: Bob Marley's Last Words to His Fans

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SKU: 812317-B62
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Width: 8.00
Height: 6.00
Depth: 15.00
Style: Men's
Color: Chocolate Brown
Width: D
Model: 812317-B62
Material: Suede

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Second Pair

Great sneekers! I wore out my first pair so I just bought a second pair because I loved them so much. Very comfortable and stylish.

A king of a shoe

My favorite pair of them all, and I have them all. They look good, and just feel well made. A very sharp shoe that stands out from all the rest. Great details.